What Makes Newsworthy?


News is the information we are told about what is happening in our world. It can be broadcast on TV or radio, printed in newspapers or displayed on websites.

Most people are interested in reading and hearing about the news. It can tell us about wars, natural disasters, politics, business or sport. It can also inform us about health, technology or the environment. People like to know what is going on in their own country and around the world. But what makes a story newsworthy? And how does it differ from a newspaper article or magazine feature?

In the past, most people got their news from network TV anchors or their local newspaper. However, today many people get their news on the internet or from social media sites such as Facebook. Some people even use mobile phones to receive their news! It is important for us to understand how News is produced, disseminated and consumed.

There are several criteria for something to be newsworthy: It must be new, unusual, interesting, significant and about people. It is also important to remember that a story may have the same significance in different places. For example, a coup d’etat in one country may be a huge news story but it will probably not be as big a story if it happens in another country which is friendly to that one.

People are interested in stories about famous people and their lives. If they are doing something unusual, such as going to university or getting married, this is newsworthy. People are also interested in scandals and rumours about famous people, especially when they lose their money or become ill.

Other events, such as natural disasters or a fire, are usually newsworthy because they affect a large number of people. News about science and technology is also often of interest, because it shows how clever humans can be. It is interesting to read about new inventions or discoveries which will improve people’s lives.

It is also interesting to read about the culture and history of a country through its News. This can help you to understand its values and beliefs. There are many online resources which have been made for English learners to help them learn more about News. Some of them present the News in a short text and others provide videos with subtitles. This is a great way to practice your listening and pronunciation skills, as well as learning new vocabulary! However, it is important to use News which is appropriate for your level of English. You can start with articles which have been written for native speakers and then move on to news sources which offer articles at different levels of difficulty. If you are an absolute beginner, it is best to avoid newspapers which have very long sentences and lots of difficult vocabulary. Instead, try starting with a website which offers News articles at three different levels of difficulty. The articles at Level 1 are much shorter and simpler than those at Level 3 and include explanations of any difficult vocabulary.